HMCS YORK will be growing to record numbers, with strength of 335 growing even larger as the reserve component of the RCN continues to expand. Obviously, a large number of the ship’s company are quite new to the RCN and the naval milieu. Association members will have opportunities to interact with these junior sailors, share stories and experiences, and the activities of the Association will help support the ship’s company as it grows. The Association has just been created. Its future course is broadly laid down but on a small scale chart at this point (that means the opposite of what it may sound like; a “small scale chart” is what navigators call a “map of the world”!) All members are eligible to sit on the executive and are generally encouraged to get involved to breathe full life and spirit into this new group. Suffice to say that there has been an informal “alumni” body for decades but with the foundation of a proper Association, the possibilities are enormous for what it can become. Please get excited and get involved!!!