Commanding Officer

Commander Walter Moniz, MSc, CD

Commander (Cdr) Walter Moniz has served more than 25 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, more than 21 of them in the Regular Force and four of them in the Naval Reserves. He was born in Toronto and raised in the Greater Toronto Area, gaining his first appreciation for our Armed Forces through the sea cadet programme. Cdr Moniz left the cadet programme as coxswain of RCSCC Ojibwa, and began his military career in Kingston, Ontario, in 1992. He graduated from the Royal Military College in 1996 and subsequently pursued a career as a Maritime Surface/Subsurface Officer. After serving in both Oberon-class and Victoria-class submarines, he served a NATO tour on HMCS Halifax, one of our Canadian frigates, in 2000. In 2001, Cdr Moniz switched to the Public Affairs Branch and served as a public affairs officer for the Judge Advocate General, Canadian Special Operations Forces and ultimately ended his Regular Force military career in 2013 at the National Defence Public Affairs Office in Toronto. He served two tours in Afghanistan, and loved the dust so much he went back for three additional temporary duty visits! In 2014, Cdr Moniz joined the Royal Canadian Navy Reserve, and served as the executive officer at HMCS York, assuming those duties on Canada Day 2016. He continues to pursue numerous initiatives to assist Veterans in his “off time,” having pursued such initiatives full time when he initially left the Regular Force. Cdr Moniz now resides in the Greater Toronto Area with a very understanding woman and a son who is passionate about sports. Although he also loves sports, Cdr Moniz cannot golf under 100, and sinks in water like a quick diving submarine. He is a Justice of the Peace of the Ontario Court and assumed the position of Commanding Officer of YORK at 0001h 05 July 2018.

Lieutenant-Commander Sarah Stainton joined the Naval Reserve in 1998 as a Maritime Surface (MARS) Officer from HMCS SCOTIAN. An East Coast sailor from birth, it seemed natural for LCdr Stainton to join the Royal Canadian Navy and continue the family tradition of serving at sea. After obtaining her Bridge Watch Keeping (BWK) ticket onboard HMCS SUMMERSIDE, she remained with the East Coast fleet, sailing aboard HMC Ships GLACEBAY, KINGSTON, and MONCTON. In 2002, she left the coast, to pursue her education in Ontario, where studies at the University of Toronto saw her transferring to HMCS STAR and HMCS YORK thereafter. As a teacher, she was able to continue her employment with the ships during the summer months and her Class B time included positions such as Weapons Officer, Deck Officer, Navigating Officer and Operations Officer. After sailing aboard all KINGSTON-Class Vessels, her final posting was Executive Officer of HMCS SUMMERSIDE in 2011. Her sea time included operations in the Bahamas, the St. Lawrence Seaway, Alaska, and all navigable waters along the Eastern Seaboard. Various deployments included training and lead up exercises as part of OP RECUPERATION (1998), OP PERSISTENCE (1998), OP WAPITI (2009), OP CADENCE (2010), OP NANOOK (2010, 2011), EX PANAMAX (2012) and OP CARIBBE (2016). LCdr Stainton graduated from U of T’s Master of Education Program with a concentration in Gender and Equity Studies in 2010 and completed the Joint Command Staff Programme (JCSP) – Part 1 from the Canadian Forces College in 2016. She currently works Class A as the Executive Officer of HMCS YORK. Outside of the military, LCdr Stainton teaches Grade 6 and Grade 7 Math, Health and Phys.Ed. with the Peel District School Board and lives in Mississauga with her partner Joanne, 3 teenage girls, 2 dogs and 3 cats.

Executive Officer

LCdr Sarah Stainton, CD


CPO2 Shirran joined the Royal Canadian Navy in August 1980 at Canadian Forces Station St. John’s, Newfoundland.   He completed his Basic Military Training at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Cornwallis in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.  On completion, he was posted to Canadian forces Fleet School (CFFS) Halifax where he underwent training to become a Boatswain. He was subsequently posted to his first sea duty as an Ordinary Seaman on board HMCS Iroquois in April 1981. Over the next 25 years he would be posted to many other units such as HMCS Protecteur in July 1984 where he was promoted to Leading Seaman.  His first instructional role took place at CFFS Halifax in July 1988 as an instructor of seamanship.   In August of 1989 he was posted to HMCS Preserver  where he was promoted to the rank of Master Seaman and then transferred to HMCS Protecteur on January 1991 for Operation Friction and the Persian Gulf War, only to be posted back to HMCS Preserver in May 1991.  In 1994 he was promoted to PO2 while serving on HMCS Athabaskan an then volunteered to sail in HMCS Algonquin for a 7 month NATO deployment off the coast of the former Yugoslavia. In July 1995 PO2 Shirran was posted to Canadian Forces Naval Operations School Halifax where he was the employed as a Drill instructor and a Demolitions instructor. Following  he was involved in the Swissair Flight 111 that crashed off the coast of Nova Scotia ( Sept 1998) while aboard the HMCS Anticosti.  After his promotion to PO1 he was posted to HMCS Toronto as the Assistant Chief Boatswain Mate and then to Canadian Forces Recruit School St-Jean, training new Officer recruits.  In July 2004 he was posted to HMCS Fredericton where he retired from the Regular Force in December 2005 and enrolled in the Naval Reserves. He continued instructing at the Naval Reserve Training Division (Borden). In September 2011 he tranferred to HMCS York as the Deck Chief and 4 years later he was appointed to the position of Coxswain of HMCS York. January 2017 he was promoted to his current rank of CPO2.

CPO2 Robert Shirran, CD